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Set up your own outdoor TV cabinet

A few of my friends ask me how to choose an outdoor TV cabinet one day. The first thing that comes to my mind is, why would they ask me? Well, yeah I have a TV, the cabinet, and I enjoy being in the outdoor but I’m not really an expert at choosing the right outdoor TV cabinet. So, out of curiosity, I try to Google some things up and come up with a pretty nice idea of what to look at from a good outdoor TV cabinet. I need to remind you though that this is based from my own data and perspective. You can choose not to follow what I wrote here if you want.

First thing first, you need a good location for your outdoor TV cabinet. A good position will make you more comfortable when watching your favorite TV shows, and should be viewable from anyplace at your garden. I’d prefer to put it in a high position so people from far apart could still see. This will come in handy when you have a BBQ party, or any party at your garden. Pay attention on the angle you put your outdoor TV cabinet; make sure everyone from any direction could still see the game.

After you’ve decided where to put your outdoor TV cabinet, you need to choose the TV cabinet itself. Make sure it fits perfectly with your TV and could protect it from the weather and vandalism. I would not recommend a cabinet from wood as wood can easily be affected by the weather and endangering your TV inside. A wooden outdoor TV cabinet would also offer minimum protection from thievery as there are more than enough tools to break into a wooden structure.

The same thing could be said for marine polymers material as they shattered under impact. You would probably realize the theft, but most likely he would be long gone before you could do anything about it. And personally, I don’t like the color. The best material for an outdoor TV cabinet would be a steel. It is much harder to break into, comes in a lot different shape and size, and perfectly protects the TV inside. Oh, and make sure they follow the US standards, or the European standards just to make sure their quality.

After everything’s all set, the only thing that needs your attention is the cable. How are you going to get a signal for your outdoor TV cabinet? The usual approach is to either get them underground or overhead. If you do want to get them underground, don’t forget to put them in a conduit to protect them from shovels. And if you want to get them overhead, make sure you put a clear sign reminding yourself and your friends, that there are cables there.

That’s it, a quick and easy to follow (I hope) guide of setting yourself up an outdoor TV cabinet. Now, all you need to do is get the grills ready, invite your friends and get the party started!


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