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Bathroom Medicine Cabinets – When you are taking into consideration redesigning your bathroom, you could not assume that a person of your bigger decisions could be the bathroom medicine cabinets. While bathroom medicine cabinets haven’t transformed all that much in their fundamental design, you could still be surprised at the lots of various designs that are supplied. Certainly, there is always the traditional box bathroom medicine cabinets that is built in to the wall surface near the sink, yet there are additionally other cabinets that can remain on the kitchen counter or enter into a shelving device that stands over the toilet container. Some bathroom medicine cabinets belong to an attractive free standing piece of furniture that can additionally work as a bed linen cabinet. These are just some of the various types of bathroom medicine cabinets.

The bathroom medicine cabinets additionally can be found in several products. There is the traditional glass and also metal cabinet, yet there are additionally lots of elaborate wooden cabinets and also corner cabinets that can fit flawlessly because off the beaten track spot in the bathroom. This is specifically valuable in smaller restrooms that have to settle every extra square inch that it can. There are bathroom medicine cabinets that come outfitted with electrical power and also have the illumination fixture attached straight to it and also cabinets with mirrors that are hardwired in order to create an area that will never fog up even in the steamiest of restrooms.

There are many bathroom medicine cabinets on the market with each in a different style and color but it is important to know the main types of cabinets before you embark on buying one.

There are three main types of bathroom medicine cabinets;

Surface mounted cabinets

These types of bathroom medicine cabinets are those that you can mount and take off a wall. They are very flexible when it comes to moving them around while rearranging your bathroom. They are however less sturdy and are likely to come loose with long term use. It is important to find out whether your wall is a load bearing one. This will help you avoid any instances of walls giving way due to the weight of the bathroom medicine cabinets. If it is not then it would be advisable to consider other cabinet options that are not mountable.

Fully installed bathroom medicine cabinets

These types of bathroom medicine cabinets are fully mounted into the wall with the larger part of it protruding outwards. For such a cabinet it is also important that your wall be a weight bearing one. For this type of cabinet, the mounting screws are normally found on the sides. This type of cabinets is installed inside a cavity in the wall.

Semi mountable cabinets

These types of cabinets are mounted on the wall but have a bit of it protruding outwards. These types of cabinets are fast becoming the option that people are choosing.

The fully mountable bathroom medicine cabinets are the easiest to install. This is because most of them come with assembling instruction manuals that are easy to understand. Also these types of cabinets are mobile hence whenever you feel the need to; you can change the look of your bathroom without having to bring down you wall!

It is important that while you are installing your cabinet you have a second person nearby to help you keep the level of the cabinet steady. When installing bathroom medicine cabinets, there are a few steps to follow;

According to the size of the cabinet measure the length and width of the cabinet and drill holes into the wall that are of that size. If you have a stud finder use it to find studs that are present in your wall. If you do not have one, you can use a hard object to tap against the wall until you find the part of the wall that sounds solid as opposed to sounding hollow.

Next lift up your cabinet and hold it against the wall where you want to place it and make sure it is in line with one of the studs. Use your level to make sure the cabinet is level with the rest of the studs. Using a pencil, mark the points at which the screw drivers will go into the wall. Hold the cabinet against the wall and screw it into place. Make sure that all the screws go into the stud and not a hollow space. Finish off by tightening each screw in place.  This is how you install bathroom medicine cabinets.


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